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Giving a voice to young people involved in agricultural training
Espace Jeunes


The Espace Jeunes aims to give a voice to young people involved in agricultural training and to contribute to the renewal of generations in the agricultural world.
Set up for the first time in 2022, it brings together hundreds of students every year to promote livestock farming training and careers.
The Youth forum is a joint project with the agricultural education networks (private, public and MFR) and higher education establishments: Institut Agro Rennes-Angers (ex-Agro Campus) and Ecole Supérieure des Agricultures d'Angers (ESA).
How do young people envision the future of livestock farming? What vision do they have of their future jobs? What image do they want to convey to consumers? What are the best ways of introducing young people from nonagricultural backgrounds to the sector?

These are just some of the questions that the young people attending the workshops will be answering. All the agricultural schools will once again be present: CNEAP, MFR and Public Education, as well as Institut Agro Rennes-Angers and Ecole Supérieure des Agricultures d'Angers.

The workshops will take place on Wednesday 18 September:

11:00 am: "Farming: A Collaborative Profession"

During this workshop students in two-year programmes will exchange ideas based on the testimonials of three students who will be on stage. They will be accompanied by a farmer who will be able to share his real-world experience, a farmer who creates content to discuss communication and a representative from ANEFA Finistère who will provide insight into the comments made in the recent survey of 800 students in Brittany.

2:00 pm: "Appeal, transition and next-generation farmers: engineers are choosing farming too!"

Engineering students from the Ecole Supérieure des Agricultures d'Angers and the Institut Agro Rennes-Angers will discuss the key skills needed to successfully start or take over a farm. Former students who are now farm owners will also be on hand to share their experiences. Research professors will also take part in the discussions.


Students from high schools and MFRs came to meet young people already working in the professions they see themselves in, at four themed workshops. They met young farmers, livestock workers and technicians, technical sales representatives, inseminators and mechanics.
These meetings were an opportunity for young people to express their vision of their future careers and to compare it with that of young professionals, as well as to share their passion for the world of agriculture, their expectations and their internship experiences.
The engineering students looked at the issue of energy on farms: production, savings... A rich exchange with professionals from the sector.
Espace Jeunes



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