SPACE commits

Towards an eco-friendly event

First agricultural Exhibition in France to calculate its carbon footprint

SPACE wants to develop its carbon strategy and make a long-term commitment to help reduce emissions, in the same way as its participants do on a daily basis in their company and on their farms.

The carbon strategy will allow us to identify the activities with the highest emissions when organising the Exhibition. It will then guide the implementation of concrete actions for future editions in order to reduce and offset emissions so as to move towards a low-carbon future.

In concrete terms, what we do?

Approvisionnement local
75% of restaurants offer regional products. 100% French sourcing.
Tri des déchets
52% of waste collected at the show is recycled. 16 waste collection points (10,000 garbage can bags distributed to facilitate sorting).

760 kilos of biowaste valorized in methanization with GRDF.

Since 2019, reusable cups have been available at all catering outlets to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Transport side
Nearly 10,000 people carried out by shuttle (340 trips, 8400 kms)

parking à vélo
Parking for bicycles next to Gate C, not far from the shuttle bus information point.

Since 2023, a carpooling platform has been set up on the SPACE site to facilitate visitor travel to SPACE.