Fraudulent directories

Be alert to certain commercial solicitations
Some companies solicit SPACE exhibitors to subscribe to offers such as the International Fairs Directory, FAIRGuide, Expo-Guide, Event-Fair, Construct Data Verlag, World Business Directory or World Business Guide, offering you to :
  • to be included in Fair Guides on paper or on Internet. These companies encourage exhibitors to check the accuracy of their data and confirm them under penalty of being deleted from their registers
  • buy SPACE trade visitor databases

These solicitations are completely false. The use of our name and databases may mislead our customers into thinking that we are taking part or that we are party to the proposal. This is not at all the case and we urge you to view such a proposal with great care. 

This email is intended merely to notify you that, if you are contacted by third parties with this type of proposition, you should know that we have nothing to do with it and that, if you are interested by the proposal, you should apply the usual measures as for new suppliers.

We urge you to look carefully at the forms you receive and not to fill them in and return them. We repeat formally our suggestion that you should beware of the use of certain names or proprietary databases.

You can contact us to inform us of any solicitations you may receive: