Milky Ouest

A trip to the land of dairy in Western France

New web series on the dairy industry!

SPACE, alongside dairy industry players, unveils a brand new web series called "Milky Ouest: Rendez-vous en Terres de Lait", a deep dive into the dairy sector in Western France!
53% of French dairy products from cows, goats and sheep are produced in Western France. With its various themes, this innovative series takes you to the heart of dairy production, underscoring its importance, its prospects and the key players who shape it. 

There will be one Milky Ouest episode per month, the first of which is already online. Each episode focuses on the day-today concerns of farmers, covering a wide range of topics such as herd health, nutrition, workforce management and genetics.

This new series, designed and developed with the help of the dairy sections of the FRSEAO and the FRSEA Normandy, the FNIL regional office, and Coopération Agricole.

A valuable source of information of the dairy industry in Western France

Discover the first two episodes!
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