Do you want to exhibit at our show?

Do you want to exhibit at our show?

Increase your visibility

on the show’s website and app!

Reference in the list of exhibiting companies

Where :
On the website / event preparation platform

Visibility :
Your company will be present (name and logo) in the list of exhibiting companies.

Page dedicated to your business

How it works:

Your business has a dedicated page on the platform.

It includes the following information: name, logo, stand, level of sponsorship, description, themes/sectors of activity, expertise, list of products/services, videos and any other relevant field to display.

They can perform 3 actions:

  • You add to favorites
  • Communicate with the company via chat
  • Make an appointment with the exhibiting company

Showcasing and evaluating your products & services

In the file dedicated to your company on the website and the platform, you can list your innovations presented at the show.

Reference your products

How it works:
In the same way that a larger stand helps you gain visibility, you add items to the page dedicated to your company to highlight your activity (products, services, job offers, etc.)

You can also add documents and videos.
You add a description and associate themes with each item.

Participants navigate through the list of items, have access to documents and videos and can favorite said items.
When a participant favorites an item, he becomes a lead.

Participants can also give a score from 1 to 5 to each item. This rating allows you to establish an average rating for the product (visible to all).

Highlighting the session you sponsor


  • Your logo is highlighted on the session sheet that you are sponsoring.
  • On your company's dedicated page, the sessions you sponsor appear.

To do this, don't wait, ask to be contacted!

Use our networking tool

to meet and interact with your visitors

Information input

How it works:

Your company profile shows the members of your team present behind the stand and the time slots during which they can be requested for an appointment.

Before and during the show, visitors request an appointment, which you accept or decline.
For each request, you receive a push notification coupled with an email.

Instant chat

Fonctionnement :

A visitor can, from the page dedicated to your company, contact you via chat and ask questions. A sales rep can answer questions or share information privately.

The visitor or salesperson can make a video call to communicate orally.

Onsite lead retrieval

How it works:

With the Eventmaker Companion / trade fair mobile app, you scan the badge of visitors you meet during the event.

You can qualify the quality of the contact by completing the following fields:
Score from 1 to 5
  • Type of contact: prospect, customer, partner or other
  • Role of the contact: prescriber, decision-maker or other
  • Type of followup: organize an appointment, send information, none or other
  • Adding a note

An application that allows you to increase relevant connections during your events!

  • Enjoy an interactive experience before, during and after the show.

  • Encourage qualified meetings.
  • Find the entire event experience in one app.
  • Power your business.

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