Assembly - Disassembly

Consult the access conditions: days - hours - admittance for vehicles


from Thursday 12/09 to Monday 16/09
All vehicles will have to get out of the fairgrounds on Sunday 15/09. On Monday 16/09, no trailer will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds. Equipment and materials will have to be unloaded near door G. 
Two fork lift rental companies will be at your disposal at your expenses. Pedestrian access is authorised during the setting up with the passe "Assembly - Disassembly" or exhibitor pass.

Outdoors booths:
  • All equipment for the outdoors booths must be in position by 8 pm on Sunday 15/09.
  • If there is a genuine and significant reason why this is not possible and if the exemption is granted, then installation may take place on Monday 16/09.
  • There is an unloading bay park C near door G.
  • See Suppliers for bungalow or structure hire.
  • The restoration of the degradation of the asphalted ground (holes...) will be charged to the exhibitor.


from Thursday 09/19 to Monday 09/23
Please find above all the access conditions to the Parc-Expo of Rennes for the dismantling of your booth.