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Innov'Space 2020 prize-winners

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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the machinery sector from 2015 to 2019.



The MAXI COUV' makes it possible to sow cover crops or fodder catch crops directly under the main crop (before harvest) and without tillage. This new seeder reduces implementation costs, improves farmers’ working conditions and soil cover. It improves the attractiveness of the cover crops and their profitability by securing their growth and reducing their implementation costs by 83%, thanks to a lack of tillage and a work rate of up to 20 ha sown per hour. 

It allows to limit:

• Leaching of fertilizers and transfers of pesticides and phosphorus to surface waters through early development of cover crops; 

• Soil erosion through lack of tillage and improved cover.

Logo InnovSpaceECS SARL - SPEED.e Net+ (2019) - 1 star


SPEED.e NET + is a fully electric self-propelled machine (Selfpropelled with a front broom for the sweeping of the cubicle and simultaneous with its tank AR of 230 l the repaillage of the cubicles with straw flour, sawdust, straw milled 1 to 2 cm). All electric with an autonomy of 3000 cubicles approximately.

• Speeds 0 to 4.2 km/h (work) from 0 to 9 km/h (traveling) - reverse with beep from 0 to 3.5 km/h

• Electric lift by 2 cylinders

• Width 0.88 m by 2.70 m long (broom and vat)

Point of view of the jury: saves time using clean energy

Award-winner testimony: Since SPACE 2019, the color of the machine has changed, the tanks’ capacity has increased to reach 280 L. The control of the brush is now controlled with a single cross lever instead of two switches and the autonomy is up to 15 days for 120 stalls before a one night recharge.

Logo InnovSpaceEMILY - V-CUT (2019) - 2 stars

The Twine/Netting Cutting Door

The patented V-Cut system helps to extract netting and twine on all the turbine straw spreaders in Emily’s Sigma range. This innovation enables the mechanical cutting of bindings from any round or square bales for the easy extraction of twine and netting by the user.

The cutting of the bindings by two hydraulically controlled blades means that farmers no longer have to go inside the straw spreader and can extract twine/netting with no physical effort. The cutting system is controlled by an external control mounted on the side of the straw spreader. This control has one function for cutting bindings and another for opening/ closing the door. Users no longer need to use manual cutting tools, such as cutters or knives, or to climb back into the cab, ensuring greater safety and convenience. The V-Cut system saves farmers considerable time as no manual action is required. The farmer just needs to retrieve the twine (or netting) after cutting. Twine/netting extraction is far easier thanks to the cutting position (underneath the bale).

The V-Cut is completely built into the straw spreader’s door to preserve the machine’s compactness and for optimum protection of the system. 

Point of view of the jury: improves working conditions

Award-winner testimony : The straw blower SIGMA has been presented at SPACE 2010, we offered only one model then. The Innov’Space award gave to SIGMA an optimal visibility for its launch. Since 9 years, numerous options have been added and new models have been launched. In 2019, the Twine/Netting Cutting Door V-cut also received an Innov’Space award. Today, the straw blower SIGMA range counts 16 models and we are honored to be part of the TOP 100 of Innov’Space. Innov’Space is a key moment, essential each year, which highlights the research and innovation made by the companies. It is also the engine of motivation for all the teams of a company.