SPACE 2024 du 17 au 19 September
Genomic Elite sale on the main ring

Animal presentations at SPACE

A showcase for genetics

Top of Genetics at SPACE

Livestock presentations and competitions are traditionally featured throughout the days of the Expo. Each year, SPACE hosts a world-class Breed Show with 500 cattle of 13 breeds will provide a continuous spectacle in the main ring and 200 sheep and goats. The 2023 Breed Show will feature two majors events. SPACE will host a National Charolais Breed competition and a European Simmental Breed Challenge.


The Charolais breed in the spotlight

Tuesday is mainly dedicated to beef breeds, notably the National Charolais Breed competition.

For its National Competition, there are 60 animals recruited mainly from the birthplace of the breed, but Eastern France will be also represented. This breed will be showcased in the main ring starting at 1.00 pm.

Increasingly popular due to its large population and genetic variability, the Charolais has 1,260,000 dams in France, in all types of environments and on all types of farms. The Charolais is able to withstand climatic phases involving food restrictions (such as drought) without major impact on its production.

Alongside the competition, there will be a beef cattle auction dedicated to suckler multi-breeds.


The Simmental dairy breed in the spotlight

During Wednesday afternoon, there are 47 Simmental cattle will compete in the European Challenge.

This major event for the breed will select animals from all over France, as well as from Germany and Austria, two countries where the breed is predominant.

Numerous events will be organised to highlinght the strengths of the Simmental breed, including a raffle to win a heifer.

European Simmental Breed Challenge
Prim Holstein Atlantique competition

Other long-awaited moments

The animals presentations 2023 will begin on Tuesday with 5 meat breeds in a interregional competition. To end the day, a beef cattle auction dedicated to suckler multi-breeds will be held.

Wednesday will begin with interregional Normande, Montbéliarde and French Brown competitions.

The Prim'Holstein Atlantique competition at SPACE is now a key European event for Holstein enthusiasts. It will be held on Thursday from 10 am. The Grand Champion will be judged towards the end of the afternoon before the Multi-breed Dairy Championship.

The Pie Rouge and Jersey breed interregional competition will take place on that day.

The Suffolk sheep breed presented in a national competition on Tuesday. Hall 1 bis dedicated to sheep is changing location and will be located in the extension of Hall 1 and Hall 7.


The SPACE 2023 Genomic Elite Sale

It has established itself as a leading auction in France and one of Europe’s most unique events.

The 7 represented breeds: Holstein, Normande, Jersey, Pie Rouge, French Brown, Montbéliarde, Simmental, Blond d'Aquitaine and Limousin promise a nice presentation of the quality and diversity of French cattle rearing. There will be the presence of at least one heifer per breed.

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