SPACE 2020 the international exhibition for Livestock

Animal competitions at SPACE

A world-class genetics hub

A world-class genetics hub at SPACEEvery year at SPACE, an exceptional program is provided:

- an exhibition space dedicated to the bovine sector and genetics

- exhibition featuring 700 animals: 550 cattle including 15 different breeds (Holstein, Limousine, Normande, Montbéliarde, Charolaise, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Salers, Brown...) and 200 sheep and goats including 12 different breeds (Ile-de-France, Mouton Vendéen, Suffolk, Charollais, Bleu du Main, Texel...)

- 4 days of competitions and breed presentations in the Ring

- A multi-breed 'Genomic Elite' auction like no other in the world

- Excellence in health: a strategic issue for farms at the forefront of the exhibition

Discover the complete programme of SPACE 2020 and the breeds that will be honoured this year from May 2020.