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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the machinery sector from 2010 to 2014.

Logo InnovSpaceEMILY - Straw blower SIGMA (2010) - 1 star


In order to develop our breeding range and in addition to our new Delta Bale Unroller (feeder and bedder), we are now launching our new Straw Blower for telescopic handler. Easy operating:

• Once the bale (round or square) is loaded you only need to activate the turbine thanks to the remote control box in the cab. The turbine staffs and will reach its nominal speed (+/- 5 seconds). For safety reasons it is not possible to activate the moving bottom (patented), and the rotor before the turbine has reached its nominal speed. When the turbine reaches its ideal speed, you can activate the moving bottom and the rotor with only one button in order to start bedding. Thanks to the moving bottom, the bale is driven towards the rotor and sucked into the turbine.

• If the turbine reduces its speed the moving bottom and rotor stop until the turbine reaches its nominal speed again. The driver only has to take care of the joystick to orientate the chute. The whole system is fully synchronized for an easy operating and use.

Point of view of the jury:  innovative automation to ensure the proper functioning

Award-winner testimony: The straw blower SIGMA has been presented at SPACE 2010, we offered only one model then. The Innov’Space award gave to SIGMA an optimal visibility for its launch. Since 9 years, numerous options have been added and new models have been launched. In 2019, the Twine/Netting Cutting Door V-cut also received an Innov’Space award. Today, the straw blower SIGMA range counts 16 models and we are honored to be part of the TOP 100 of Innov’Space. Innov’Space is a key moment, essential each year, which highlights the research and innovation made by the companies. It is also the engine of motivation for all the teams of a company.

Logo InnovSpaceEUROMARK - BALE SHEAR (2010) - 1 star


The Bale Shear invention is a radical new method for feeding baled silage.

The Bale Shear works simply by gripping the net and plastic wrap whilst splitting a bale in half. The system is ideal for feeding directly along feed passages or into diet feeders.

The Bale Shear can slice hay, straw, and silage bales with ease while retaining the net and/or plastic wrap.

Point of view of the jury:  a significant improvement in working conditions

Logo InnovSpaceKRONE - Weighing system (2013) - 2 stars


Installed on the baler wrapper combination Krone Comprima CV 210 CV, the onboard weighing system has many interests as well as social, agronomic or technical. Based on the deformation of the frame of the wrapping table, this innovative system shows on the terminal installed in the cab, the weight of each bail. This system allows to know the yield of each baled parcel, wrapped or not, allows to charge the delivery depending on the tonnage harvested, allows to adjust the pressure of the press chamber to obtain an homogeneous weight. The 4 DMS Power sensors are glued directly under the frame, on each side and on each side of the rotation point. The measurement of the weight are made before that the bail is wrapped, while the machine is stopped, when the door of the bale chamber is closing. This system has a maximum error margin of 2%. Integrated on the frame, theses sensors don't generate any overweight. The field structure is then more spared.

Point of view of the jury: facilitates stock management

Logo InnovSpaceJOSKIN - Section Pilot (2014) - 1 star


The JOSKIN Section Pilot adapts the distribution of a slurry spreading tool in order to marry it with an automatic section control, according to the IsoBus standard Section Control.

Therefore, the pipes of the JOSKIN spreading tools are equipped with hydraulic (in case of injectors) or pneumatic (if booms) closing clamps, which are controlled by sections of one or more pipes using electrovalves which are piloted by the JOSKIN IsoBus system using the positioning data's of a GPS receiver, able to communicate standardized Section Control signals.

At a time when regulations and controls about nitrogen tosses in relation to slurry spreading are getting tighter, JOSK1N has thought useful to propose equipment which offers the farmers a more precise mastership of their spreading works: the system avoids overlap, particularly in adjacent rows, headlands, in corners and in circumvention of obstacles.

Point of view of the jury: a step towards precision in manure spreading