SPACE 2022 The international exhibition for animal breeding

Farm visits and agri-industrial units

Visit for free Breton farms!

SPACE is held in Brittany, at the heart of one of Europe's most important livestock areas. We are inviting you to take advantage of this resource with visits to livestock farms and agri-industrial units in our region.


For additional information or registration to one of these visits, please contact Amandine LEROUX:



Farm visits programme 2022

This year the programme will be renewed again with new visits to farms in several sectors: poultry, cattle (dairy and breed) ovine, and aquaculture.

The detailed program will be available soon.


Virtual farm tours 2021

Each year, international visitors have the opportunity to visit Breton farms. In 2021, four farms, four sectors were covered (poultry, beef, ovine and aquaculture).


Poultry farm

Stéphane DAHIREL, breeder in Lanouée (Morbihan):

- 5 poultry houses

- 3 000 m² of buildings with forced ventilation

- 2 buildings with photovoltaic panels

- Hypochlorous acid water treatment

- Production of milling wheat wheat treated with seaweed products

This video is also available in Russian here.


Cattle farm (Normande breed)

Jean-Michel and Isabelle ARONDEL, breeders in 'Gaec Laval Dreams', in Amanlis (Ille-et-Vilaine)


This video is also available in Russian here.


Fish farm (trouts)

Robert Le Coat, trout farmer in Plougoulm (Finistère)

This video is also available in Russian here.


Sheep farm

Yannick FRAIN, breeder in Roz-sur-Couesnon (Ille-et-Vilaine):

- Pre-salted lambs from Mont Saint Michel

- 1,000 Suffolk and Vendéenne ewes

This video is also available in Russian here.