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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the pigs sector from 2010 to 2014.

Logo InnovSpaceFOURNIER - BIBLOC PARTITION (2010) - 3 stars

Partition boxes

BIBLOC Partition is a partition which includes base elements in reinforced concrete and PVC panels, assembled to each other.

The partition has been developed so to combine the advantages of plastic and concrete: ease of installation, flexibility and cleanliness of PVC, strength and longevity of concrete.

A partition profile has been especially designed for the adaptation of PVC panels on concrete base.

The flared shape of the base has been especially designed for excellent grip on the ground, and its curved shape adapts to the body of animal lying against. Laying of concrete base is realized easily. A trolley as well as a carrying handle make moving in the room. The handle is attached at the top of the base by a pin. Moreover, there is a threaded insert in the concrete at the end of the base in order to fix a face plate.

Finally, the PVC panel harmonizes perfectly with the concrete base. We have a very smooth wall, without roughness, which makes for easier cleaning, prevents clogging and bacterial growth.

Logo InnovSpaceVENG SYSTEM A/S - INTELLIGENT CANOPY (2011) - 3 stars


The intelligent canopy of weaning houses consists of:

• An automatically adjustable canopy (0,08 m2/piglet),

• A canopy to keep the piglets warm, securing a good quality of air under the cover,

• A plastic mat on the slatted floor under the canopy,

• Infrared heating lamps placed in the canopy,

• A motor raising the canopy when the piglets are too warm.

An infrared sensor in the canopy measures the skin temperature of the piglets and adjusts the heat from the lamps. When lamp heat is no longer needed the sensor controls the movement of the canopy securing a comfortable ambiance for the piglets all the time.

Logo InnovSpaceASSERVA - MATERNEO (2013) - 2 stars


Materneo is an automatic sow feeding system for farrowing pens:

  • Raw material stocks are managed by ultrasonic level sensors;
  • Two different feeds can be managed for each sow;
  • Uses the Innov'Space award-winning precision dosing system;
  • The water is controlled to adjust the feed consistency from the first to the last day;
  • The feed is distributed in 100 g doses;
  • The level sensor prevents a dose being delivered before the previous dose has been consumed;
  • No waste and no need to clean troughs;
  • A computerised video image management system notifies farmers when farrowing begins;
  • The system can be fully controlled remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Logo InnovSpaceFANCOM - PCM (2013) - 3 stars


The Pig Cough Monitor (PCM) is an audiotool with a sound analyzing software and four microphones. This analyzing software can distinguish general pig cough sounds from others sounds (feeding system, fans, door, farmer). This analysis software translate the sounds into graphics witch gives a clear picture to the pig producer.

The pig producer is able to distinguish the productive cough (viral illnesses early stage, pollution (dust, fumes, ammonia)), from the productive cough (viral illness, infections, lung diseases). The PCM is the ear of the pig producer. This analyzing software allows him to take the good decision in early stage and to be informed online.

Logo InnovSpaceMSD SANTE ANIMALE - IDAL INJECTOR (2013) - 1 star


Needle free injector can be used to vaccine swine by intradermal. The device is battery powered. Electronic operating can handle several functions of the device. Injection is set when trigger and injection head are both pushed. Delivered quantity (one dose=0,2ml), injection pressure (variation through injection) and injection duration (30 msec.) are automated. The screen allows controlling the device status (ready to vaccine, rinsing mode, battery level, service, injection meter). After use, vaccine vial should be replaced by a rinsing fluid vial. When rinsing fluid arrived in the device, a rinsing cycle started. Spike and injection head could be washed under tap water. Device shell should be cleaned with a disinfecting wipe.



Eco-Spreading procedure identifies intelligent muck and slurry spreaders and will start certifications at the end of the year 2013. This certification is opened to any organic spreader manufacturer and is not compulsory. Future 'Eco-Spreading certified' spreaders are in the trend of precision farming. Certified spreaders will be able to maintain the requested target rate (T/ha or m³/ha) according to the speed and will distribute it with accuracy on the field. A certified manure spreader has a steady flow from the beginning to the end of its work. The slurry spreader will necessarily be equipped with an injector or dribble bar to allow better utilization of nitrogen. The soil compaction is controlled by a maximum load on each axle less than 13 tons and a contact pressure less than 1.5 bar. 

Eco-Spreading is the result of a unique and exceptional collaboration between manufacturers, end users (farmers, contractors, cooperatives) and research (engineering departments). Pichon, Rolland, Chambers of Agriculture of Brittany lrstea and VetAgroSup are pleased to have led this collective work for the benefit of the use of organic fertilization.

Logo InnovSpaceSKIOLD ACEMO - MODULOSEC (2013) - 2 stars


The Modulosec ensures a fully automatic dry-feed distribution to sows in the maternity, and modulates automatically the programmed feeding curves. The Modulosec associates a motorized feed dispenser, water solenoid, level probe, by counting the time that passes between the moment feed and water are distributed, and the moment the probe becomes uncovered, indicating that the trough is empty. The Modulosec analyses the appetite, and optimizes the consumption of the sows, while at the same time eliminating the grind of manually adjusting the feed dispensers of animals that refuse part of their meals.

Logo InnovSpaceNENUFAR - NENUFAR COVER (2014) - 1 star


The Nenufar cover provides three main advantages for farmers. First, the device limits the emissions of greenhouse gases (methane and NO2) and therefore odors coming from manure storage tank. Then, the cover catches rainwater, increasing the storage volume and limiting spreading costs. Eventually it stimulates anaerobic digestion process in the storage tank, captures and stores the biogas in order to use it directly on boilers or radiant.

The Nenufar patented device is a floating membrane, tailor made to adapt on any size of manure tanks all year long. The system prevents the biogas to get in contact with the concrete tanks and in this sense avoids corrosion issues.