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Closing of the 2022 edition of SPACE Rennes

With Anne-Marie Quéméner, Exhibition Manager of SPACE and Marcel Denieul, Chairman of the Show. An opportunity to look back at the highlights of this year's event!

Food solidarity and CSR: Building the commitment of supply chains to voluntary donation

With Gilles Le Pottier, President of the Rennes Food Bank - Régine Roué, Vice-President of the Brittany Region.


The attractiveness of the goat sector and the renewal of generations

Broadcast hosted by Robin Vergonjeanne with the following guests: Mickaël Lamy, goat farmer, President of Agrial's Goat Council and Vice-President of ANICAP - Franck Mérel, goat farmer in Châteaugiron in Ille-et-Vilaine and President of the Goat and Dairy Sheep Commission of GIE Elevages de Bretagne.

Summer droughts, what future for grazing systems if grasslands burn out every summer?


With the guests: Serge Zaka, Agroclimatologist at ITK - Jean-Marc Seuret, Forage Expert of the Chambres d'Agriculture de Bretagne.



Sustainability of livestock buildings with the association Elinnove


Broadcast hosted by Robin Vergonjeanne with the following guests: Solenn Fassion, Elinnove moderator - Vincent Leroy, Commercial Director of Dugué (design, manufacture and assembly of all types of livestock buildings) and Vice-President of Elinnove - Olivier Joreau, Deputy Managing Director of CAVAC Biomatériaux, member of Elinnove.

Animal welfare in pig farming


Broadcast hosted by Robin Vergonjeanne with the guests: Alexandre Poissonet, study engineer at the technical breeding centre and Thierry Marchal, farmer and President of the Chambers of Agriculture working group on animal welfare in pig farming.



Agricultural education

With Philippe Pinot, Director of the Lycée Les Vergers in Dol de Bretagne on agricultural education today.


What are the impacts of global warming on agriculture?


Discussions on the impacts and consequences of global warming on agriculture with : Jean Jouzel, Climatologist - Thibault Le Masle, President of the Young Farmers of Brittany - Arnaud Lécuyer, Vice-President of the Region of Brittany in charge of Agriculture, Agri-food and Food.


Communication in agriculture: How to get started?


Sharing of experiences around communication in agriculture with Mélanie Lacombe, Head of the CoFarming association - Thierry Baillet, Farmer and Youtubeur - Charly Guérin, Journalist for the Agri Maker platform.

Replace Me: A digital solution to help replace farmers


Discussions with Xavier L'Hostis, Head of Innovation at Adventiel and Sylvie Le Clech Ropers, Director of SDAEC and Terraillance on the new solution to allow farmers to be replaced by employees in complete peace of mind.


Data ownership and innovation: sharing is winning!


With Héloïse Gilles, Director of FAST-FIEA Agri Services Technologies - Laurent Mériaux, Director of Research, Innovation & Development at Eilyps - Marine Dechamp-Guillaume, OKP4 Project Director


Mathieu Goehry, President FNCuma


Aquaculture, a fast-growing international industry


With Siméon Fagon, Phytosynthèse - Pierre Fortin, TECHNA - Yas Farjad, HALIEUTICA

Jean-Baptiste SATCHIVI from Benin

Jean-Baptiste Satchivi, General Manager of Agrisatch Group


What are the consequences of the war in Ukraine?

With : Lydia Leclere, pig farmer in Brittany and Gérard de la Salle, agricultural supplier in Ukraine

How to reduce impact of animal production on climate? Focus on the Dutch example

With Martin Scholten, Advisor to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food


Regenerative agriculture applied to livestock

With Jérôme Huet, director of BTPL, on the set of Space Tv to talk about regenerative agriculture applied to breeding!

The benefits of methanisation

FWith Xavier Passemard, GRDF Biomethane Director and Pascal Garçon, GRDF Biomethane Development Manager Centre-Ouest


Rations that limit the carbon footprint of farming


Cattle breeding must meet three challenges to move towards carbon neutrality: act at all levels of the sector, absorb additional costs through better technical and economic performance, and obtain consumers' willingness to pay for products with a better environmental profile. Cédric Faure, from CCPA, and Damien Craheix, from Eureden, on the Space TV set, share their thoughts on how to achieve this.


Agricultural training of young people

With Anaïs Caillere, student at Lycée agricole du Rheu

SPACE 2022 is underway!

Anne-Marie Quéméner, Exhibition Manager at SPACE launches the 36th edition of the Show.


Reports from the fiels

The situation is worrying for the animal nutrition sector


Rising production costs, falling activity, access to raw materials: François Cholat, president of the Syndicat national des industries de la nutrition animale (Snia), shares his concerns.


Youth Forum at SPACE 2022 - Estéban: « Dairy has a future, despite the uncertain economic situation »

Estéban plans to set up a breeding business with his uncle. He believes in the future of the dairy industry. He explains why.


Youth Forum at SPACE 2022 - Gautier: « Will we live from our work? »

Gautier wants to take over the family dairy farm. Passionate since he was a child, he nevertheless has a lot of questions. To find out what worries him, listen to him!


G. Aveline, breeder (35): « Being opportunistic at grazing »

With Lauriane Plénière, Agrobio 35 technician, Guillaume Aveline talks about his grassland dairy system. This dairy farmer from Ille-et-Vilaine suffered like everyone else from the summer drought and intends to learn from it.


Youth Forum at SPACE 2022 - Anaïs: « Producing milk and managing the situation and the environment »

Anaïs, 19 years old, plans to set up a dairy cow or goat farm. Economic situation, environment... Find out how she sees her job in the future.


Steps to consider for a stabling project

"Launching a project to build a new barn requires a certain amount of thought and a great deal of rigour in order to control the budget," says Sébastien Guiocheau of the Brittany Chamber of Agriculture, who lists a few key stages to keep in mind.

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At Gaec Guillemot (56), deworming is based on production


Autumn means a return to the cowshed and anti-parasite treatment for the dairy herd. But at Gaec Guillemot, deworming is not automatic! It is administered on a case-by-case basis according to the milk production of each cow, which is checked by a sorting tool.


Dairy ingredients markets

With Marion Cassagnou, from the Institut de l'Elevage

Maize silage 2022: what do the first results show?

After a very dry summer, what is the situation with maize silage? What are the yields and what feed values can we expect? We take stock with Michel Moquet, forage engineer for Arvalis-Institut du végétal.

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Controlling and sharing livestock data

A farm generates a lot of data. Should it be shared with the companies around it? With whom and how? It is up to the farmers to decide... provided they are well informed. We take stock of the situation with Nicolas Prenveille d'Agata consent at SPACE.


S. Tranchevent: "A shared employee, the right skill at the right time for us breeders"


In December 2021, Gaec Gwen A Du hired Gaëtan Lucas on a time-sharing basis. Sylvie Tranchevent, a dairy farmer, appreciates the administrative simplicity and the security in terms of labour law provided by the employers' group. Her employee, for his part, highlights the diversity of tasks and exchanges, as well as the follow-up and conviviality offered by Terralliance.


"Pierre-Yves Le Bozec: "Employers' groups, hand-made for farmers and employees".

Pierre-Yves Le Bozec, president of the national federation of employers' groups (FNGEAR) and of Solutis Emploi in Morbihan, explains in video how these organisations have been structured and professionalised at the departmental level to meet the growing labour needs of farms. And to support farmers in the face of the recruitment difficulties they are increasingly encountering.


"Under 490 €/1000 litres, fat and protein are better valued than litrage"


What is more advantageous for the milk payment: to make the litrage or the rates? With his mixed Holstein/Jersiaise herd, Sylvain Olivier has done the maths: for him, below €490/1000 l, it is more advantageous to maximise rates.

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"David Le Floch, breeder (Morbihan) The employers' grouping makes our work easier!"


For almost two years, David Le Floch, a dairy farmer in Morbihan, has been employing Océane Bouquin on a time-sharing basis, via the Solutis Emploi employers' group. The farmer and his employee see many advantages in this, such as the support in manpower for one and the diversity of the missions for the other. And for both of them, the simplicity of the procedures and the external support are a real plus.


La ferme de Merval (76): 9 workers with 115 VL and 117 ha, while being carbon neutral

Associated with an agricultural high school, the Merval farm in Seine Maritime manages to pay 9 employees thanks to a low-cost system based on grazing and the processing of milk into AOP cœur de Neufchâtel cheese.

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At Gaec Lorin Bossuyt (61): Blondes that are economical in maintenance and efficient in fattening


After winning several championship prizes, Aurélie Bossuyt and François Lorin, breeders in the Orne region (61), explain to us what a beautiful Blonde d'Aquitaine is for them. Passionate about genetics and keen on competitions, they are preparing to present animals at Space 2022 where the Blonde d'Aquitaine will be in the spotlight.


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At the Gaec de la Petite Vallée (53) : "Try the Jersey breed, you will adopt it!".


While they intended to incorporate one or two Jersey cows as mascots, Patrice and his two boys were won over by the breed.


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SPACE2022: what to expect

On the occasion of her annual press conference, Anne Marie QUEMENER, Exhibition Manager at SPACE, unveils the programme for the 2022 edition.

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