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Espace pour Demain

From the 'Research and Development Village' to the 'Espace for the Future' 

Theme of SPACE 2017: robotics for farmers

Over the years, this village has become one of the most important features of the Expo. More than 15,000 visitors go there every year. In order to strengthen its status as part of SPACE, increase its appeal and rejuvenate its identity, the 'Research and Development Village' has been renamed the 'Espace for the Future'.

Espace for the future

Robotic for farmers

The number of robotic milking systems being used on dairy farms has doubled in 6 years, more and more smart tools are being used on farms, and totally automated farms are being developed. Accordingly, Brittany Chambers of Agriculture and SPACE decided to focus on robotics. This exciting topic exploring the new relations between people, animals and machines is the inaugural theme at the ESPACE for the FUTURE.

Leveraging robotics to meet the new challenges of agriculture

The farms of today and tomorrow operate in a completely different landscape from that of the 1950s. Fewer family workers, increased productivity per worker and the need to improve working conditions have contributed to the development of the use of robotics in livestock farming.


Some robots can perform strenuous, repetitive and unrewarding tasks such as washing buildings. Other more mature robots powered by artificial intelligence can help farmers by collecting and analysing data to improve herd and crop performance.

Robots for farming

Does this mean that in the future, robots will take the place of farmers and farm employees? No, for
the simple reason that in agriculture, we are working with live animals and plants, which are
governed by the seasons.


However, robots are going to make farming more attractive, less difficult and less strenuous. The jobs of many farmers are going to evolve. In the future, they will need to become proficient in IT skills, and perhaps spend less time in the field and more time analysing data and servicing robotic systems. Switching to robotics is one way to make farming an attractive activity in our rural territories.

Espace pour demain

The Espace for the Future will feature robots, futuristic demonstrations and
personal accounts from farmers

Many robots in operation will be on view at the Espace for the Future.retrospective on the technological evolution of milking systems will kick off the robot presentations, which will conclude with an amazing demonstration of robots being used in pig, poultry, cattle and crop farming.

We cannot even begin to imagine what farming will be like in the future for our children and grandchildren. But at the Espace for the Future, farmers will provide personal accounts of their lives before and after robots, with a focus on the technical and financial issues to consider when moving into automation.

A special issue of TERRA and a visitor guide

This year, the special issue of TERRA (1 September 2017) and the visitor guide will be put together jointly, featuring numerous personal accounts from farmers.

Table ronde

A round table at the Espace for the Future

'How will robotisation change farming?”

With farmers, scientists, Agri-Food industry leaders

Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 11.00

The Espace for the Future is designed and run by the Brittany Chambers of Agriculture and SPACE, supported by:
- IDELE – Livestock Institute
- IFIP - French Pork and Pig Institute
- ITAVI - Poultry Technical Institute


Press contact: Sylvie Conan : Communication Manager and Coordinator
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