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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the poultry sector from 1995 to 1999.

Logo InnovSpaceKARCHER - ROTABUSE (1995)

Rotating nozzle for Karcher

Screw-on accessory for high-pressure cleaner (rotating nozzle). 

Point of view of the jury: this product makes the cleaning process faster and more efficient, using less water. It is now widespread.

Logo InnovSpaceLE ROY - MULTIBECK (1995)

Feeder for poultry

Multibeck is a polyvalent feeder which can be adapted to each kind of poultry productions (broiler, turkey, duck, etc.).

Point of view of the jury: this product is simple, can be used in several production and is still widely used.

Logo InnovSpaceSOLVAY - AQUA-TRACEUR (1995)

Vaccination control  

The product contains a blue dye, vaccine administration and distribution in the water can therefore be monitored.


Panel for thermal insulation of building

Panel for thermal insulation in agriculture buildings (poultry, piggery...). Made with special aluminium coated PIR foam

• Fire resistance: class M1, no fusible, fire resistant.

• High performance thermal insulation: conductivity 0.022

• Simple putting: great size (width 1,20 m) / Tickness 30 - 60 mm / Lightness (volumique mass 32 kg/m3)

• Chemical neutrality

Point of view of the jury: forerunner of the thermal insulation