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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the poultry sector from 2015 to 2019.

Logo InnovSpaceLUBING INTERNATIONAL - PulsO'Clean (2015) - 2 stars


The pulsO'Clean system allows in automatic mode (or manual):

• To flush and rinse the drinking lines with more efficiency by combination of pressurized water and compressed air, 

• Thereby to optimize hygiene in pipes, 

• To renew the drinking water as often as possible,

Managed by a programmable controller, the PulsO'Clean system will sequence automatically the opening and the closing of the solenoid valves during the three main steps:

• Simultaneous injections of pressurized water (maximum 3 bars) and compressed air at 2.5 bars will create a highly turbulent flow, much more effective for cleaning and flushing the pipes, likewise for the drinkers;

• A sequence with only water at 3 bars will allow to remove the air from the pipes after the pulsed flushing or to make a 'classic' water rinse;

• A water renewal phase allowing a supply in cool water, for example after a 'night' cycle or a period of stagnation, offering a better hygiene for drinking water and a better animal welfare.

Point of view of the jury: a solution to remove the biofilm

Logo InnovSpaceTIBOT - TiOne Spoutnik (2016) - 3 stars


The presented product is a four-wheel drive autonomous assistance robot for the poultry farmer in his daily tasks. It is equipped with a geo-localisation system that allows it to follow, with precision, a programmed track within the breeding area.

Its tasks are to move the hens to increase their fertility and to educate them to go to the laying boxes to limit the number of eggs that fall to the ground. These eggs are currently downgraded which represents a significant loss of productivity for the breeder. According to the needs, it can be equipped with various accessories, for example with claws to level and aerate the litter, sensors for monitoring environmental data collection such as temperature, humidity, pressure, luminosity, CO2 …, in order to guarantee animal welfare. Finally, this robot allows remote monitoring of the breeding, and warns the breeder directly on his smartphone in case of a non-corresponding parameter.

Point of view of the jury: this product marks the beginning of the robotization

Award-winner testimony: Since the Innov’Space award in 2016, TIBOT has seen important growth of its activity. We have finalized our prototype to result in the market-ready version. In 2017, TiOne became SPOUTNIC. He has been distributed in more than 15 countries.
We have continued our strategy of continuous improvement of our product thanks to the feedback of our customers. In 2018 we launched the customizing controller, which allows the user to adapt the sound and visual stimuli, program work schedules or adjust the maneuvring angles.

During SPACE 2019, a new version has been launched: SPOUTNIC NAV. Spoutnic NAV is dedicated to broilers. Its mission is twofold: to stimulate the movement of the birds and to aerate the litter. Spoutnic NAV is equipped with an indoor navigation system allowing it to move with precision according to a self-generated route or chosen by the breeder.
TIBOT Technologies continues to expand worldwide and is still working on innovation to improve the working conditions of the poultry farmers and their income, while improving animal wel-fare.

Logo InnovSpaceWINDWEST - OLIMPE-AGRI (2016) - 2 stars


“OLIMPE –AGRI” is an innovative auto-electrolyser that treats and disinfects water naturally without adding any chemicals. After acting on the bacteria, the oxidising compounds return to their original mineral state. “OLIMPE-AGRI” combines two actions. It generates a magnetic and electric field that weakens and immediately destroys certain bacteria and viruses in the water passing through the electrolysis cell and it uses the minerals dissolved in water itself as well as added chlorides (0.1 to 0.2 g of salt per liter of water), and converts them into a mixture of strong oxidizing agents capable of completely destroying bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms in water and fixed to the walls of pipes (complete destruction of the biofilm). The water is disinfected and protected before being consumed by the animals. There is no sensory deterioration of the water that is pleasant and natural to drink for animals. Natural water is discharged into the environment.

Logo InnovSpaceRABAUD - LAVICOLE (2018) - 3 stars


LAVICOLE is a high-pressure washing robot for cleaning poultry houses. In order to reduce the tediousness of the cleaning works, the machine is track-mounted and fully radio-controlled.

Three washing devices enable a quality and complete washing of the building:

• A directional ramp mounted on an articulated arm, and equipped with 5 rotating nozzles, that can reach 4.50 m high for washing the ceiling and walls,

• A washing system dedicated to lifelines and feeders

• A manual high-pressure cleaning lance for a fine finish

• A foam gun to apply the detergent

All these functions are provided on the track machine that is fitted with a petrol engine and with hydrostatic drive.

Caterpillars can be spread from 1.20 to 1.70 m. The machine is connected by a 100 m water hose to a high-pressure unit located outside the building. The latter comprises a 1000 litre buffer tank, a high-pressure pump of 140 bars and 87 L/min of flow. The high-pressure unit is driven by the PTO of a tractor or by a diesel engine. For a 1000 m² building, a washing time of about three hours is required. This estimation may vary depending on the type of building and the level of finish requested by the farmer.

Logo InnovSpaceTELL ELEVAGE - Tell-Me (2019) - 3 stars


Tell-Me is a collaborative project management tool portal. It is accessible to each customer via our online customer centre. The objective is to complement Tell Elevage diagnostic for barns, pigsties, poultry houses… Between 400 and 1000 measures are compiled to analyse farmed animals’ buildings. Tell Elevage diagnosis identifies around 40 points for improvement (from minor to critical). Tell-Me generates an interactive action plan based on this diagnostic. The implementation of this latter may be delegated to a third party (such as installer, technician, etc..), by entering their e-mail address into the software. Each point is reviewed and dealt with, on an individual basis via a specific section. This enables the person in charge to appoint a contact person for the ongoing action, to set a deadline, to view videos, animations, to share documents such as quotes, plans, users’ manuals, etc. Tell-Me facilitates the communication and the exchanges between all the different stakeholders. It makes the changes management much easier. The all process is faster and more efficient.