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Logo InnovSpaceFANCOM - FANTURA (2014) - 1 star


Tests have shown that an air stream of at least 2.5 cm is required for control over the ventilation. The inertia of an air stream smaller than 2.5 cm is insufficient to provide significant throw. Fancom has, therefore, developed the FANTURA, a new design of inlet that is able to control the ventilation for a poultry house down to 1% (30 m3/h/unit). The vent is a single unit without any special accessories or mechanisms. In winter, ail vents remain operational unlike current systems which require some of the vents to be closed off or a sophisticated control system to stagger the vent opening. This vent must be used with a Fancom intelligent actuator which has been specially designed to provide linear control of the air flow.

This new system ensures that farmers no longer have difficulty in controlling the vents in winter. The animals have better conditions, better bedding and no draughts. This new system also reduces heating costs.