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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the poultry sector from 2005 to 2009.


Straw distributor

The innovation presented by DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION is a special trailer allowing to only one person to spread straw (big baler, round baler and bulk) as well as wood chip, sawdust and litter granules without the machine and tractor needs to enter the buildings. This unique sanitary advantage is completed by the possibility of automatically injecting products permitting to fix the dust and to treat the litter (fungicides, bactericidal).

Its new principle of working named MECA-PULSE allows it to send the litter through an extremely manageable small diameter hose (Ø 60 to 70 mm). It is suspended in the building to a simple rail and can function until 120 meters. This technique allows the user to work alone and without noise, suppressing the stress of the bedding and thus the risk of animal's suffocation. That manageability allows it to adapt to all configurations of buildings without having to move and to raise nipple drinkers and feeders.

In option this machine can be equipped with a mixer allowing it to distribute 'a cocktail' of litter (mixture of components: straw, sawdust, cuttings...). It can also be coupled to a straw grinder according to the needs.

Its polyvalence allows it to transport and to distribute food or cereals as well as to fill silos.

Point of view of the jury:  this trailer has improved the working conditions. 

Logo InnovSpaceECLOSION (GRIMAUD) - Duckling IR beak treatment (2007) - 1 star


The purpose is to inhibit the cells on the tip of the 'culmen'. The 'culmen' is the very hard part at the end of the ducks beak that grows as a weapon in the wild. The cells are killed or inhibited with Infra Red waves. These dead cells don't multiply, so the beak grows but not the culmen, avoiding feather paking

Thus, manual beak trimming is no longer needed at 3 week of age. With no more manual beak trimming at 3 week, flocks have better homogeneity, less sanitary problems following beaks trimming. On the top of these advantages, animal welfare is a lot better. Many studies are stating that this technique is a lot less stressful for the birds than the manual one.

Point of view of the jury: an important step towards improving animal welfare

Logo InnovSpaceORVIA - GOURMAUD SELECTION - Eyecolor-sexing (2008) - 3 stars


By passing ducklings in front of a camera, followed by analysis, this machine enables the males (which have black eyes) to be separated from the females (which have red eyes).

Multi-stage process:

• Ducklings put on a first conveyor belt for visual sorting and aligning;

• Moving on to three successive variable-speed conveyor belts, to separate them;

• Moving on to viewing position, at the rate of three ducklings/second, to achieve a rate of 10,000 ducklings/hour.

The automated system, linked to the viewing arrangement, recognises the eye colour, and the ducklings are transferred to the appropriate path to the counting devices. The ducklings not identified (as their eyes were shut or they were too close, etc.) go straight on, falling on to a lower conveyer from which they are returned to the sorting area. 

Point of view of the jury: a method less stressful for the animals

Logo InnovSpaceSODALEC - CONTROLLER MEGAVI (2008) - 1 star


SODALEC offers to farmers new controllers MEGAVI. 

Each product have is own software to answer the exact request of each type of livestock. SODALEC glues like this a customization for the controllers, but with an exceptional performance / price ratio thanks to the range effect. 

The MEGAVI range can have two differents LCD display: Blue LCD Display or Color and tactile LCD Display.

But the controllers MEGAVI are not only a LCD display. It's also new and especially practical functions for the user:

• Displays with multiple levels to simplify the daily use, without penalizing the data for the 'expert' user;

• Intermediate level between 'User' and 'Install' to allowed calibration of sensors without risk for the others installation parameters;

• Immediate display of the defaults with indication of the sensor, without manipulation on the keyboard;

• New plastic box with integrated hinge and outside fixing system to avoid drilling and preserve materproofness, and special version for electric cupboard.

Point of view of the jury: innovative and user-friendly 

Logo InnovSpaceTUFFIGO RAPIDEX - AVITOUCH (2008) - 2 stars


AVItouch is a new color and tactile computer designed for the management of any type of avicolous buildings (static, dynamic, mixed, tunnel). Equipped with a large color high resolution screen (800 X 480, 7 inches, 16/9) and a touch screen, it is designed around the central processing unit of a genuine industrial computer. It has a powerful and evolutive system. The data are stored on a flash memory type conferring speed and reliability to him. His many ports allow a wide connectivity. LAN and WiFi connections allow a local connection and / or remotely rapid between one or more AVItouch and a PC, several AVItouch.

Its large memory allows to keep the data of the batch in progress up to 18 months and to file the preceding batches.

The control of gas and electricity consumption is integrated to help the stockbreeder to optimize his energy consumption. These electricity and gas meters provided in option are provided with pulse transmitters and are connected to AVItouch.

The dialogue with other apparatuses of weighing of silos or poultry allows a fast visualization of the weight directly on the display of the AVItouch like through a remote connection.

Point of view of the jury: innovative and user-friendly