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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the pigs sector from 1995 to 1999.

Logo InnovSpaceFANCOM - EXAVENT - FCTA (1995)

Ventilation control

EXAVENT is a ventilation system which ensures an exact air renewal. 

Point of view of the jury: precise control of ventilation

Logo InnovSpaceKARCHER - ROTABUSE (1995)

Rotating nozzle for Karcher

Screw-on accessory for high-pressure cleaner (rotating nozzle). 

Point of view of the jury: This product makes the cleaning process faster and more efficient, using less water. It is now widespread.

Logo InnovSpaceI-TEK - EXATOP (1998)

Regulated ventilation duct

The EXATOP is a regulated ventilation duct which has two functions. It is used to support fences and gates as well as a chimney for the inlet air. Inside the EXATOP, there is a value which allows to regulate the inlet air area in function of the air flow at the outlet air. The whole valves of the room are connected together with a cable. Consequently, the air distribution within the room will be homogeneous.

Technical advantage:

• Keep the air speed constant at the exit of EXATOP (5 to 6 m/s) and thus avoid draughts at pigs level;

• The ventilation duct EXATOP can be adapted as well as in a pregnant unit for sows in a weaning or finishing room thanks to the three different models which exist.

Point of view of the jury: a unique system


Multi-functions sow feeding system

The multi-function electronic sow feeding system is intended for loose housed gestating sows or gilds, either on slatted flooring or on straw beds. The system's computer will handle from 1 to 24 feeding stations, each station is adapted to groups of 50 to 60 sows. The system operates via identification antennas in the stations, and individual electronic ear tags on each animal. The system pilots the following functions:

• Feed distribution: each station can deliver 1 or 2 different feeds, in portions adapted to each animal;

• Water distribution: during the feed distribution, the station also delivers water;

• Prostaglandin dispenser to line up the oestrus period of new gilts, to that of the group;

• Heat detection: identification of animals visiting a boar pen (under development);

• Automatic sow selection and separation for treatment, furrowing...

• Marker spray system: pneumatically operated spray markers that mark the pig's back. The system allows sows full freedom of movement, and complies to the recommendations in the welfare code, while still enabling individually controlled feeding and management The complementary functions, such as the prostaglandin dispenser, heat detection, selection, and marking, all help increase the efficiency and the ease of management of the unit, for the stockperson.

Point of view of the jury: forerunner in precise feeding

Logo InnovSpaceSODALEC – MVX REGULATOR (1998)

Insulation farm building

SODALEC has deviced, designed and manufactured a new regulator called the MVX.

The MVX regulator is a product aimed at controlling the environment within raised rearing sheds for pigs.

The MVX regulator takes into account the zootechnical factors on one hand, and internal and external temperatures and humidity on the other. On the basis of these factors and their changing state, the regulator itself determines adequate levels of ventilation required to obtain optimum ambient conditions, in relation to external factors and livestock.

The MVX regulator makes it easier for the stock breeder to operate the equipment by using zootechnical parameters which are straightforward for him to determine, such as animal weight and number of places.

The MVX regulator reduces harmful fluctuations in temperature as well as cold draughts around the animals and reduces the level of ammonia in the building. Therefore it helps to avoid livestock problems such as agitated behaviour and some pathological respiratory conditions. All the conditions required for a significant increase in the animals' average daily growth rate are thus achieved.

The MVX regulator corrects the faults displayed by classic regulators, namely:

• Insufficient ventilation in cold spells;

• Excessive ventilation in hot spells;

• Precise adjustments to the operating range and instructions, depending on weather conditions.

Point of view of the jury: precise control of the building ambience