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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the pigs sector from 2015 to 2019.

Logo InnovSpaceCALOPOR (TECHMAP) - CALOPOR (2016) - 1 star


CALOPOR is a thermal conductor device made of a copper tube coated in plastic and placed directly in the corridors of centralized air for ventilation of breeding rooms.

This device works as a refrigerant gas evaporator in a heat pump mechanism. This evaporator is self-cleaning by a phenomenon of steam streaming on its walls. The plastic coating protects the copper tube of most chemical attacks due to the acidity and oxidation. Downstream of the heat pump, a ventilation network of central heating allows maintaining desired temperature in the room and their attic space. The air pulsing device is designed to fit perfectly into the structure without influencing the volume of the room. The air pulsing is done according to existing livestock recommendations.

The general control is monitored by the farm software without any intervention on the automated device.

Logo InnovSpaceI-TEK SOLUTIONS - ISOTEK BUILDING (2016) - 2 stars

Livestock building

ISOTEK is a concept of multi-species building: pigs. calves and poultry. This unique building in France is designed around two axes of major improvements for the breeder and society.

  • The technical-economic axis: energy savings, improvement of materials durability and achievement of better health conditions;
  • The environmental axis: a modular, evolving and optimized building 100% recyclable.

The ISOTEK building is a constructive model based on the combination of several natural materials tested and approved in time to ensure the longevity of the building. It is mounted on a traditional shuttered concrete masonry, but simplified (no concrete cubes to lay the building poles). Its frame in wire mesh is composed of profiles assembled by bolting. The structure is thus removable, flexible and scalable, meeting the requirements and demands of each as well as tomorrow challenges. External walls and ceiling are insulated with ISOTEK + panel developed for the occasion, a product that has proven itself in industrial tools (slaughterhouse, freezer...). Room separations are in recycled PVC panels. Again PVC panels have proven themselves in pen facilities.

Logo InnovSpaceCOPEEKS - ANALY-PEEKS (2019) - 1 star


ANALY-PEEKS offers real-time data analysis and image and video analysis services that produce indicators related to animal behaviour in relation to the atmosphere/atmospheres present in the rearing rooms.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, the ANALY-PEEKS platform analyzes in real time the thousands of images and hundreds of videos transmitted by PEEK smart boxes deployed in farms. Indicators and graphic maps describe the animals' activity levels, their behaviour, their interactions with the environment or with their congeners.

ANALY-PEEKS is mainly intended for pig and poultry farms and can analyze image and video content from other cameras. The offer makes it possible to anticipate the occurrence of health, behavioural or nutritional events. The data produced and the knowledge obtained as a result of the analyses allow an improvement of the breeding environments and conditions, a detailed analysis of behaviours, and an anticipation of problems.

Award-winner testimony: During SPACE 2019, both Innov’Space award had a positive impact with a lot of professional and international visitors on our booth. Thanks to the exchanges with these various actors of the animal sector, we have been able to assess the interest of our solution and to discuss about concrete needs in term of artificial intelligence tools. Our solutions have been installed quickly on the field after SPACE 2019.
Since the september 2019, Analy’Peeks has been updated:

  • Analy’Peeks offers to the actors of the animal sector the possibility to create their own analysis module, according to their own criteria of animal behavior.
  • The Peek box is now equipped with a camera with wide-angle lens (160°) to see even more animals in the same picture.
  • Besides pigs and poultry, Analy’Peeks works with bovines.
  • Analy’Peeks has been tested to monitor the animal behavior in the open air.

Logo InnovSpaceRO-MAIN - SMART TRACKING (2019) - 1 star

Real-time behavioural tracking

Using cameras and specialized artificial intelligence algorithms, smaRt Tracking tracks and analyzes the position and behaviour of pigs in groups in real time. The cameras send the video streams to the server, which analyzes them and transposes them into behavioural metrics easily accessible via the web app. The system sends alerts when behavioural changes are detected in specific areas or by animal, helping the farmer determine his priorities for action. It can detect early different problems such as sick animals, aggressions, tail biting, problems with water, feed, ventilation. The producer can isolate the animals before they get very sick and treat only those who really need it. smaRt Tracking prevents the imperative use of antibiotics, helping in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Losing fewer animals helps maintain the mental health of the producer, the profitability of his farm and the welfare of his animals.

Logo InnovSpaceRO-MAIN - SMART COUNTING (2019) - 1 star

Real-time counting 

Using a camera over a corridor and specialized artificial intelligence algorithms, smaRt Counting automatically counts pigs as they pass through a predefined counting zone. The camera sends the video streams to the server that analyzes the images and returns the count in real time on the web app. The tool allows the farmer to be more precise and productive by always having the right count, thus optimizing the profitability of his operations. Counting automation allows the producer to work faster and prevents manual counting, all of this without affecting his work routine. The tool also facilitates conflict management between sellers and buyers by eliminating errors and keeping a copy of the counting videos. smaRt Counting acts as a sort of proof, ensuring the producer is always paid for the right number of pigs counted. This is particularly important since the farmer's income is directly dependent on his animals.