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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the pigs sector from 2000 to 2004.

Logo InnovSpaceEDIVAL – EdiPorc ID (2001)

Electronic identification tag and informatisation

In order for every breeder to quickly collect breeding data in a secured way, EDIPORC.ID combines an electronic identification tag, a portable reader and a database. 

Every sow holds an electronic identification tag. A portable reader specially designed for the use in breeding conditions, allows the breeder to read the tag and to take hold of the data regarding that animal on the spot. In the office, the breeder lies the portable down on its base. Simultaneously, through this only contact, the battery of the portable reader is loaded, the EDIPORC database is updated and the portable reader is freshened up. EDIPORC.ID puts an end to the manual uptake of data.

Due to the present context of food security, the pig-breeding sector will face growing requirements for reliable data. EDIPORC.ID guarantees a reliable identification of the animal, the validity of data from the start on and its transfer without loss.

Logo InnovSpaceRO-MAIN - CONTACT-O-MAX (2001)

Equipment for pigs artificial insemination

The CONTACT-0-MAX is an articulated remote-controlled boar cart that allows precise and efficient technical management of heat detection and insemination in the breeding barn. It enables to stimulate weaned sows and to get maximum stimulation during insemination. The boar enjoys a safe ride in the cart. The operator can easily manipulate the cart in the alleyway in front of the stalls and ride the boar exactly where it is needed to stimulate, heat detect or inseminate a sow efficiently. The cart has been designed to leave the boar with no other option than paying full attention to the targeted sow. A side window allows the boar to have a direct snout-to-snout contact with the sow. It is known that the pheromones contained in the boar's saliva stimulate the immobility reflex of a sow and triggers the contractions that bring the spermatozoids to the ovule.

This boar cart has been field-tested since 1997 and the results are amazing. It enables to stimulate weaned sows and to precisely pinpoint the beginning and the end of heat periods, all of which helps to decrease unproductive days and to reduce estrous-weaning interval. It helps to decrease heat returns and there is less flow back during insemination, which results into increased fertility rate. It saves labor time and helps improving work quality in the breeding barn.