SPACE 2022 The international exhibition for animal breeding
SPACE alleys

Ovine presentations at SPACE


9 breeds of sheep will be on display all week, with an auction of 'Label Rouge Brocéliande' lambs for slaughter for the first time at SPACE, on Wednesday afternoon at 5.00 pm in Hall 1 bis.

Like every year, a national sheep breed competition will take place on Tuesday afternoon. This year the Bleu du Maine breed will be in the spotlight.


The Bleu du Maine breed, in the spotlight at SPACE 2021

The Bleu du Maine breed organises its national competition at SPACE 2021.


The Bleu du Maine is a meat breed whose main quality is to produce well conformed lambs. It is a local breed for which farm-direct sales are growing steadily. The Bleu du Maine is above all a grassland breed that optimises the potential of grassland. Their milk production is usually sufficient to avoid artificial feeding even with 3 lambs. They are docile by nature and quite prolific. Lambing is easy. Like all meat breeds, the Bleu du Maine is also excellent for crossbreeding with hardy ewes to improve lamb conformation. SPACE 2021 is an opportunity to showcase all these wonderful qualities.


Tuesday 14 September from 14.00 to 17.00 
80 animals will compete in front of the judges David Rocheteau and Freddy Vandecasteele