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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the animal feed sector from 2015 to 2019.

Logo InnovSpaceOLMIX – SEARUP (2016) - 1 star


Production systems are subjected to a lot of questioning in view of guaranteeing a sufficient competitiveness on the market while meeting many sanitary challenges. Among them, the reduction of the use of antibiotics in farms is crucial because of their impact on animal and human health. Apart from the need to reinforce biosecurity measures and to adapt farm management, this revolution will lean on the use of new natural and active products.

Searup complementary feed is part of this approach of reducing the use of antibiotics in farms. Searup contains immune modulating Marine Sulfated Polysaccharides (MSP) of natural origin. Its use is recommended during stressing periods and in support of vaccination programs and allows reinforcing natural defenses of poultry and pigs during critical phases of their life.

Logo InnovSpaceMIXSCIENCE – MatriCIEL (2019) – 2 stars

Feed environmental footprint calculation tool for customer support

MiXscience has developed a new tool integrated into its formulation software which allows the calculation of the environmental footprint of the feed, approach initiated by French and international institutions.

To that end, the formulation matrix has been implemented with footprint data on raw materials, as well as the ones linked to their shipping and the feed manufacturing. Thus, the matrix now contains environmental footprint values based on 7 criteria as CO2 emissions or energy consumption for instance.

This tool, operational for all kind of animal production, allows studies of interest and formulation with both economic and ecological constraints. It also provides guidance to the feed manufacturers for their production and supply choices. For the livestock sector, it offers the possibility of a broader reflection and communication about animal productions, like the realization of life cycle analysis which could be displayed on the product bought by the consumer. It is a new dimension of the feed formulation to build a more sustainable animal nutrition.

Logo InnovSpaceVALOREX - DIVAL (2019) – 2 stars

Diet index for more diversity in animal diets

DIVAL is an original and innovative rationing index, which aims to evaluate the farming practices in terms of nutritional diversity and protein autonomy, while taking into account the social acceptability of diet raw material. Developed for cattle, pigs and poultry, it is based on 3 components: 'PROTEIN' which refers to the content of digestible protein; 'SOCIETY' which integrates notions of social acceptability in terms of origin, naturalness and impact on biodiversity, the environment and soil health of soil; and 'PNNS' which refers to a key concept of human nutrition recommanding diversity in the plate for greater potential of nutrients of interest and health.

Its purpose is to help breeders to have their good agricultural and food practices recognized by consumers, and to allow farmers to live with them, thanks to adoption of DIVAL in specifications of market sectors recognized by the producers, like Bleu-Blanc-Cœur.