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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the animal feed sector from 2005 to 2009.




In the nurseries, the nutrition of piglets is crucial for the growth of animals. Futhermore, it also has a decisive influence on the results of growing-finishing period. The decision to switch from complex to easier diets is very difficult. Undoubtedly, complex diets are able to support maximal growth performance. It is the aim of 'the monitoring' which calculates the amount of feed to deliver in each weight group of piglets. This model follows three decising laws: average weaning weight, Normal Gauss table and predetermined feed allowance schedule.

The monitoring is really a nutritional policy during the piglet phase, in farm-specific environment. It gives an assistance in 5 spheres:

  • The control of the weaning paradox where it is anoxeria is the starting point of diarrhoea ;
  • The management and the simplification of the pratical feed job in the nursery ;
  • The wrestling to the underfeeding and overfeeding of expensive diets ;
  • A higher uniformity batches at the end of nursery stage to reduce the finshing variability at slaughter weight. To introduce the six-sigma approach whom the success story in industrial activities is real to decrease the associed cost with the magnitude of variation.



Logo InnovSpaceALLTECH - SEL-PLEX (2007) - 2 stars


Sel-Plex is defined according to the yeast strain number that is used for its production, this number also determine its physical and chemical characteristics. Sel-Plex is prepared with a dead yeast which has been naturally enriched with selenium during fermentation process. In Sel-Plex, selenium is 97-99 % organic and most of it (63%) is seleniomethionine (antioxidant constituent of many enzymes). Animals metabolism and digestive system are particularly adapted to this form of selenium in comparison with sodium selenite which is the mineral form usually used in animals feed.

With Sel-Plex, selenium absorption and storage are clearly improved (by 3 times for absorption) whereas sodium selenite is not stored by animal. This property limits environment's pollution.

Due to its natural organic and low concentrated form, Sel-Plex is non toxic source in comparison with selenite which is highly toxic for animals and human. Sel-Plex supplemeritation allows a storage in final products such as milk, meat or eggs. At farm level, several trials demonstrated that selenium supplementation have improved reproduction (sperm quality, fertility, slow farrowing, still birth), muscles deseases (spraddle legs, white muscle deseases...). Sel-Plex improves the selenium status of progeny. Selenium plays also an essential role in immunity. The last research work conducted by Alltech concerned Nutrigenomic (influence of nutrient on gene expression). It has been shown recently that Sel-Plex modified the gene expression of 10% different genes. 



Logo InnovSpaceAGRIMAGE – CASE SILO RFID (2009) - 1 star

A metal box identifies, in clear or electronically, the details of the silo on the farm. It can also take paper documents: delivery notes, labels, invoices, or even orders / instructions.

The reader facility can be used to check the validity of the place, date and product unloaded into the identified silo. It also enables retrospective traceability of the different operations carried out.



Logo InnovSpaceCALCIALIMENT (VILOFOSS) – CALCI SCAN (2009) - 3 stars

Decision tree for animal feed formulation

The food, beverage and fermentation industry produces a large volume of wet, liquid and moist by-products (wed feeds). These by-products are often not suitable for human consumption, but the nutrition value for pigs might be excellent. Although these products are derived from human grade materials, their safety is not without question, and the nutritional and economical values should be adjusted.

The aim of CALCI SCAN is to describe a decision tree for judging the economical value, safety and applicability of new co-products. CALCI SCAN describes the three steps which are relevant for home mixers that have to judge the utilisation of new by-products. The risk assessment is an essential part the analyses for decision making:

  • First step: introducing the by-product and the supplier. It is the technical-economical analyses of the by-product.
  • Second step: the risk assessment and risk management (supplier risk), review of the quality assurance system (its haccp, certifications...),
  • Third step: detailed assessment of storage and nutritional values and applicability (pig farmer risk). CALCIALIMENT provide informations, and advice for decision making at farm level.