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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the animal feed sector from 2000 to 2004.


Logo InnovSpaceMERIAL – IVOMEC, Premix for pigs (2001)

Premix controlling parasitism in growing pigs

IVOMEC Premix 0.04 % for swine is the only premix, which allows a complete control of parasitism of growing pigs. IVOMEC Premix for swine provides a broad spectrum of efficacy against parasites: External parasites : mange, lice adults, gastrointestinal nematodes, kidney worms, lungworms. IVOMEC Premix 0.04 % for swine has an efficacy of 100 % against mange, controls the infestation due to Ascaris Suum, and has the advantage of IVOMEC in the feed of growing pigs. Curative, preventive treatment programs, and mange eradication programs. The benefits of a complete control of parasitism in swine production (an improvement of growth, a better feed efficacy...) are so important that they justify the treatment of pigs with the best protocol.



Logo InnovSpaceBASF – FORMI (2003) - 2 stars

Alternative to feed antibiotics in pig breeding 

Its efficiency is based on formic acid and formate.

FORMI® shows a strong anti microbial effect in the animals' gastro intestinal tract based on the acide activity and the bacericidal and bacteriostatic effect of the acid anion. It targets undesirable germs such as salmonella and E Coli, whose pathogenic potentials present a considerable health risk for the animal and also for humans via contaminated products. Hence, FORMI® reduces the frequency of diarrhoea, particularly with weaned piglets and improves the viatlity and performance capability of the animals. 

FORMI® is a free flowing crystalline powder product, dry and odourless. It has low corrosiveness and minimises damage to the feed mill equipment. During processing, it is not caustic and is dust-free. Potassium di formate is totally biologically degradable and no environmentally unfreindly residues are exctreted. 



Logo InnovSpaceIFIP (INSTITUT DU PORC) - PORFAL SOFTWARE (2003) - 1 star

Software of formulation of animal nutrition

To optimize a formula, the breeder chooses a category of dietary needs in a list, selects the raw materials. The formula displays immediately. The prices of interest of every raw material, including those not selected, display at the same time as the price range in which the raw material will stay in the same rate in the formula. The cost of every constraint is calculated. The printing gives clearly the formula and its characteristics, underlines the constraints of the calculation as mini and maxi raw materials and nutritional levels. These papers can be personalized and the logo of the organization which formulates. The breeders can acquire PORFAL through their technicians of cooperatives which will accompany the tool of the adapted advice.

This software under Windows is friendlier thanks to a new ergonomies and more successful. The user has access in a single module to all the calculations and can show at once parameters such as connections 'lysine / energy', 'méthionine / lysine'. He can change the constraints directly on the formula which has just been optimized.



Logo InnovSpaceINZO UNION INVIVO (WISIUM) - SPLF (2003) - 2 stars

Nutritional and complennentary additive

SPLF is a patented sepiolite (patent n°652) for the soup homogeneity in swine feeding. An innovating technological treatment (90 to 92 % of pure sepiolite grinded and minorised in water) enabling to exploit efficiently the suspension and fluidification properties of the rheological sepiolite, for an homogeneous mix water feed till the swines' manger.

For the swine breeder, 1% of SPLF mixed to the feed is a guarantee of :

  • A fluid and homogeneous liquid feed : better homogeneity in the feed = better homogeneity of the animais despite a reduced water - feed dilution 
  • Increased intake = liberated growth (up to 22% increase of ADWG) ;
  • Positive environmental results = economy on water + reduction of liquid manure;
  • Valorisation of the properties of sepiolite : improvement of the carcass quality.