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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the machinery sector from 1995 to 1999.

Logo InnovSpaceKUHN - WEIGHING UNIT - IND 360 (1996)

Interactive weighing unit

AUDUREAU manufactures and sells a complete range of mixer feeder wagons either auger system or recycling system. Diet feeding is more and more popular among fanners. Mixing and weighing are closely linked. An accurate weighing is an essential complement to mixing. For many years AUDUREAU has been offering an accurate and reliable system but like all other system on the market not very friendly use.This new system is called IND 360. Easy to install (can be fitted either on the machine or on the tractor), this new weighing unit offers an interactive functioning very similar to what we can find on new generation computer. Easier to use, upper technical level, are the main characteristics and innovations of this new weighing system.

Point of view of the jury: an essential component of a mixer feeder

Logo InnovSpaceAMAZONE & KRONE - COMBI PACK (1998)

Baler with inline wrapping

The Combi Pack is a baler which integrates the inline wrapping. Therefore the operations of pressing and wrapping occur both simultaneously and fully automatically. A sole operating man and one tractor are only needed for 2 operations. Thus, it results time saving and drastic reducing of costs. The pre-stretching rate of the wrapping film and the number of wraps are pre-selected (2 up to 8 wraps and 50 up to 70 % stretching). The bale tying, the tail gate opening, the bale transfer from the baler on the wrapping table, the wrapping itself, the smooth off-loading of the wrapped bale on the field, all the functions of the machine are automatically manned, started and controlled through a bord computer and hydraulic commands. On the other hand, manutention is considerably reduced and the bales therefore preserve their shape and a flawless holding allowing a perfect quality of waterproof wrapping in order to preserve the food-values.

Point of view of the jury: a major step for the wrapping, a considerable saving in time