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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the machinery sector from 2005 to 2009.


Logo InnovSpaceMANITOU - Easy Connect System (2007) - 1 star


MANITOU innovates and presents for the first time at the SPACE 2007 the Easy Connect System (ECS).

From his experiment in the field of agriculture, MANITOU proposes an innovation for the MANISCOPIC handlers designed to meet the requirements of the agricultural sector: a quick release coupling system. Connecting and disconnecting attachments is a repetitive and tiresome operation.

Without stopping the engine, the driver goes down from the machine and comes close to the carriage. Firstly, he operates the control, protected and located under the frame, for removing any residual hydraulic presure into the auxiliary circuit (power supply to the solenoid valve for releasing hydraulic oil to the oil tank).

Then, he disconnects the hydraulic coupling swiftly and efficienly. In the second time, the operator withdraws the pin bar, the attachment is ready to be removed.



Logo InnovSpaceAXE ENVIRONNEMENT - FLEXIBLE AERIE (2008) - 1 star


The flexible sprayer-filling platform makes it possible to avoid contaminating the surrounding area when preparing treatments, due to its retention capacity (the platform's height being 0.15 metres). The actual volumes involved will depend on that of the sprayer. The product also helps with recovery of residual quantifies left in a tank, and water from rinsing or from washing the sprayer, subsequently treating these residues using a process approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Adjustments can be made very easily, and the platform's very tough fibre-reinforced plastic composition means it can be moved. The wheel tracks are reinforced, and galvanised L-pieces at the sides help keep the platform in good condition. The great innovation is the product's memory-form foam, at the entrance to and exit from the platform, allowing the foam to return to its original shape after a tractor and sprayer have run over it. The platform is very tough, and is supplied with a drain hole that can be positioned by the user. In the event of accidental tearing, repairs are very simple.



Logo InnovSpacePICHON - Trailing shoe (2008) - 2 stars


The PICHON injector EL 8 is mounted on the rear of the tank either direct on the injector brackets or through an existing linkage.

It's made from a rigid chasis onto which a mobile chasis is fitted. This mobile chasis can move left and right. In folded position, this movement allows to follow the field irregularities and avoid any extra pressure of the spring leaves onto the ground.

This mobile chasis is made of 3 arms of 2.5 m each: central arm, right arm and left arm. Total working width is 7.5. Folding and unfodling is cisors type hydraulically driven. This mobile chasis is mounted onto an articulation which bring the shoes down in working position and up on transport.

On each of these arms, 34 leave springs are mounted spaced of 21 cm. It gives the necessary flexibility for non flat fields. The pipes, blades and shoes are mounted onto the leaf spring.

The EL 8 comes as standard with the PICHON vertical macerator, stone trap and autoreverse, already known for easy maintenance, and to accept high flow of heavy slurry. The EL8 is mainly used on grassland. The blades open the grass where slurry is released. The pressure onto the blades make a light opening according to the working conditions to applicate the slurry.