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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the machinery sector from 2000 to 2004.

Logo InnovSpaceMAGSI - 4 in 1 bucket with grap (2002)

Farm loading equipment 

The 4 in 1 bucket is a tool for telescopic or front loader. The 4 in 1 bucket is used to make excavation, to level the soil, to tip out product.

This tool is made with 3 blades and 2 jack.

The multipurpose bucket is used to pick up manure or maize...

The aim was to create the best tool with the largest possibilities, we wanted to combine the uses of a grab bucket with the uses of a 4 in 1 bucket

Point of view of the jury: a versatile tool

Logo InnovSpaceKUHN - ATHENOR 6070 (2003) - 1 star

Silage loader, straw blower, all-forage distributor and mixer wagon, with loading capacity of 6 m³

Both beater bars are driven by an hydraulically disengageable belt drive. This very versatile machine allows clamp silage, hay or haylage distribution, mixing of high quantities of fibrous products to stimulate rumination, and regular and constant straw blowing.

Machines with a capacity up to 4 m3 are well suited to these 3 functions, thanks to their single beater bar. But to do the same with a bigger machine, the requested technical features may be fully contradictory. The versatility of the ATHENOR 6070 is mainly possible, thanks to the patented, combined all-forage beater and hydraulically adjustable regulating tines:

This new system provides full control over the distribution flow, when feeding hay or haylage. The combination of the 2 beater bars equipped with blades and the regulating tines in the lower position ensure a very efficient cutting effect.

A quick and efficient feeding or mixing of clamp silage needs the product to moved in front of the beaters to avoid dead zones in front of the upper beater. By adjusting the regulating tines in the upper position, the product flow to the turbine is increased for efficient feeding, straw blowing and mixing. This machine makes it possible for the farmer to realize a TMR for his milking cows and to distribute fibrous products like haylage or hay to the young cows.

Point of view of the jury: the hydraulically disengageable belt drive is now widespread  

Logo InnovSpaceSUIRE - AUTOMATIC OILFLOW THROTTLE (2003) - 1 star

Straw bales unroller

The bale unroller is aimed at unrolling straw, hay or wrapped bales. It can be rear mounted on a tractor or use a telescopic handler. The operation is done by means of a chain bed on which is fitted the bale and that drives the rotation which allows the separation of the external layer. Besides, the machine can be fitted with a bedding system: two series of tines are built in on a rotor while spinning throws the straw away without blowing it chopping it up. Both of the chain bed and bedding system are hydraulic driven.

The most common problem encountered is the slow down or jamming of the bedding system, which occurs when too much straw is driven towards the rotor. The bedding quality is not effective and the user must intervene to slow down or stop the chain bed, using an oil flow throttle. The oil flow throttle consists in preventing such problem: any given stress on the bedding system induces instantly the reduce speed of the chain bed. The device is made of a modular block, which comprises a pressure sensor on the bedding system's hydraulic motor (the pressure is linked to the resistance of the straw on the rotor) and an oil flow divisor on the chain's bed motor. So, when the pressure of the bedding system is going up, the oil flow of the chain bed is reduced to make it slow down. When the pressure decreases, the oil flow divisor returns back to its initial set up and so does the original speed of the operation.

Point of view of the jury: ingenious control of the straw flow to avoid jamming