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SPACE 2023 Genomic Elite sale

A new design

Unique in Europe, the Genomic Elite sale is a major event in the genetic animation of SPACE for more than 30 years.

This year again, the selection of animals illustrates the know-how of the best French breeders in genetic creation.

Genomic Elite Sale 2023

From 07 to 14 September 2023

Following last year's success, the mixed formula involving auctions (either online or in the ring) at SPACE will be renewed. Lots of sexed embryos will also be auctioned online until the end of the Exhibition.

New this year, at least one heifer per breed will be present on the ring at Rennes Parc-Expo. The parade of heifers and the auction finale will take place in the ring on Wednesday at 5.30 pm.

The sale and the first bids will be to follow live from September 07 until September 14.

Discover the best in genetics of each breed

This year, animals of 7 breeds will be on sale. The Holstein, Normande, Jersey, Pie Rouge, French Brown, Montbéliard and Simmental breeds will be present at SPACE 2023 Genomic Elite Sale.

The aim is to maintain the European scale of this auction by including foreign lots of Holstein and Simmental breeds, with a focus on Germany.