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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the bovine sector from 1995 to 1999.

Logo InnovSpaceKARCHER - ROTABUSE (1995)

Rotating nozzle for Karcher

Screw-on accessory for high-pressure cleaner (rotating nozzle). 

Point of view of the jury: This product makes the cleaning process faster and more efficient, using less water. It is now widespread.


Door for milking parlour

The deck door is made of tubular iron material and of a box first made for the passage of the cows. After many soldered joints, the door is galvanized to be protected from corrosion. This door is easy to make and to install. Using this deck door, the cows can walk from one side to another and they walk out on the same side. When you open it, it revolves on a lower hinge and on an upper one with a locked system when the cows are passing. As soon as the deck is free, people who are milking do not need to make any effort to lock and open this door. This system allows only one way back for the cows towards the cowshed, takes away the double way back towards the cowshed in some cases, in competition with the decks often ill - fitted. During the milking it is very easy and nice to be able to go out quickly. Before this invention supported by M.S.A. in «La Mayenne» the cows often went out by narrow slippery and tiring steps with buckets. The cowherd who began to milk, went out at the end of the milking.

Point of view of the jury: an essential equipment in most milking parlour


Mattress laid in the cowshed

It is a sleeping mattress for animals, it is laid directly in the cowshed. It is made from several types of rubber granules carefully graded and mixed. These granules are mixed into a homogeneous mass and are then bound together by the use of a supple polyurethane binder. This binder forms a very resistant film due to a chemical reaction with air humidity. Composition :

  • Polyester
  • Top layer: PVC, resistant to an aggressive biological environment treated anti UV
  • 1 mm thick. Technical properties (average values)
  • Width: 218 cm
  • Mass g/m2: 1100 gr.

This waterproof polyester canvass is fixed to the mattress at the front and back. The system which covers the whole area is fixed in place with cestilene bars screwed directly into the concrete floor. The mattress is 4 cm thick. Dimensions of the 'Louisiane' cattle mattress can be adapted to the specific size (length and width) of each cowshed.

Point of view of the jury: the first mattress, improves the animal welfare 

Award-winner testimony: This product has been very successfull, more than 500 000 mattress have been sold in Europe, Ukraine and Canada. The Louisiane mattress, first one of Bioret Agri is still on the catalogue.

Logo InnovSpaceVALOREX – “BLEU-BLANC-COEUR” (1999)

Nutrition label

Valorex's registered trademark, 'Bleu-Blanc-Coeur' is a symbol of health. At the very beginning of the production chain, Valorex produces high Omega 3 level linseed named: 'Linomega'. Then, Linseed is processed by Valorex in order to release oil, to preserve the Omega 3 fatty acid profile and to destroy the anti-nutritional factors of linseed. Processed linseed is then incorporated into animal feed. The fatty acid profile of meat, eggs and milk is significantly improved: the Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid composition is higher in the animals fed linseed in comparison with those fed a conventional feed. At the other end of the production fine, food products named 'Bleu-Blanc-Coeur' help consumers to choose a healthier food.