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Innov'Space 2020 prize-winners

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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the bovine sector from 2015 to 2019.

Logo InnovSpaceMAZERON NAUDOT - Levobovin (2016) - 3 stars


The Levobovin is a device to lift up the cattle's head directly at the feeding fence. It is a standalone device, like a trolley, moved without effort, for immobilizing the head of 2 to 4 cattle at the same time. The breeder can administer his treatment or care without risk of accidents and without fearing any backache (ergonomics of movements).

This device is designed to adapt to existing buildings and feeding fences, by prior settings. The principle of lifting at least two heads of cattle simultaneously can greatly reduce the forces exerted on the device, and reassure congeners. The fact that the device is movable and easy to handle allows the farmer to apply care to his animals where they are (cattle fed on feeding fence).

Logo InnovSpaceVERMOT - Bross'Kit (2016) - 1 star


Bross'Kit is a brush system easily fitted to all types of automatic scrapers. Bross'Kit improves the efficiency of scraping by compensating for the variation existing in the quality and finish of concrete floors in cattle buildings. The kit is quickly and easily fitted to most types of scraper by directly welding the steel lugs to the scraper blades. Customized brushes with brackets are then fitted. The brush head is made from polyurethane with nylon bristles, hard wearing and rot proof. A system of stainless steel jacking screws enables quick and easy brush adjustment to maintain optimum cleanliness.

Logo InnovSpaceHOLM & LAUE & CO KG - Milk taxi 4.0 (2017) - 1 star


While feeding calves manually with buckets the Milk taxi 40 ind. Smart-ID identifies the calves via a modern wireless identification. At the push of a button the calves are age-based fed according to a respective feeding curve.

The feature Smart-Mix calculates the amount of milk needed as well as the dry matter percentage. lt determines how much whole milk, water and milk powder have to be added for receiving the desired milk mix.

The software CalfGuide for Milk taxi shows the most important parameters of the Milk taxi and documents processes of pasteurising feeding and cleaning.

Point of view of the jury:  a real time saving

Logo InnovSpaceAXCE - EYE BREED (2019) - 3 stars


Eye Breed is a device for cattle breeders who want to inseminate their animals themselves. This device makes it possible to free oneself from rectal palpation during the insemination procedure by grasping the cervix thanks to a suction cup connected to an atraumatic continuous suction pump. The tool can be positioned at the entrance of the cervix thanks to a smartphone or tablet with images transmitted via Wi-Fi to the Eye Breed application by a camera positioned at the distal end of the device. This last technical aspect of the system allows for easy and quick training, unlike learning the current procedure. The use of Eye Breed is part of an animal and human well-being approach by freeing itself from rectal palpation, which can cause injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, the Eye Breed application allows instant reporting of inseminations performed as well as monitoring of insemination results and animal health status.

Point of view of the jury: makes the artificial insemination easier for the breeders

Logo InnovSpaceMAZERON NAUDOT - All terrain barrier (2019) - 2 stars


Set of off-road barriers, covering a long length (from 6 to 36 metres), entirely and easily manipulated by handling equipment and having both a fast implementation and tidying. This device is suitable for all steep slopes (going up or down), intended for the restraint of cattle. This set of barriers is designed from a central frame (6 metres) that receives many articulated and fixed barriers on either side which can be portfolio folding. This central frame allows the handling or movement of this device without ever having to carry it manually.

This device is possible through connection fittings between specific and patented barriers and also with wheels leading to an effortless moving. This set channels the animals in farmyards or in pasture and can be placed to form a park.

The easy and fast implementation contributes to secure any intervention on animals by having a working comfort.

Point of view of the jury: an important adaptability