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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the bovine sector from 2010 to 2014.

Logo InnovSpaceDELAVAL - Herd Navigator (2010) - 2 stars


Herd Navigator™ is a real onboard lab to the farm. Designed to be used in parlours or with the DELAVAL Voluntary Milking System (VMS), it includes three interlinked modules supported by a data analysis system. The three modules are the following:

• The sampler unit (S, in order to sample specifically milk extracted from each milked cow, either the VMS sampler or one sampler on each milking point in the parlour.

• The sampler intake unit (SI, once the sampling of a cow is completed, some milk is transported to the sampler intake (medium module) before it is sent to the analysis instrument.

• The analysis instrument (AI), as its name implies, this module is going to process all the samples. The analysis instrument examines the milk samples for the different substances: progesterone (reproduction), Lactate Deshydrogenase (LDH - Mastitis), Urea and Beta Hydroxy Butyrate (BHB - Feeding balance).

All the data are processed via a Biomodel: this specifically developed, advanced biological and statistical software, the «Biomodel», will set the risk for diseases and the reproduction status for the cows and thus, will help the dairy farmer to take decisions via the specific alerts. This Biomodel is also designed to perform automatically the sampling and analysis processes on the herd (frequency by cow, by milking...), based on the measured data.

Point of view of the jury: a real decision support instrument

Logo InnovSpaceLELY - LELY Vector (2012) - 2 stars


The Lely Vector automatic feeding system is a genuine revolution for livestock farmers wishing to save time, be liberated from a demanding task and optimise their feed efficiency and distribution costs. The Lely Vector comprises three elements: the feed kitchen (where the feed is stored), the feed grabber and the mixing and feeding robot. With this system, a farmer need only spend 1:30 hours every three days on feeling his stock. Equipped with high tech sensors, the Lely Vector is easy to install (no installation of tracks) and is easy moved from one building to another. Every hour, the Lely Vector checks feed levels in the auger using its laser sensor, and feeds the animals based on their needs. It distributes small portions that are always fresh, so forage intake is optimised. It is economical in energy terms: only using 20 kWh/day (approx. €2) to feed up to 250 animals. Its ability to distribute, check and return makes the Lely Vector a complete system, relieving the farmer of some tiresome tasks

Point of view of the jury: undeniable time saving


Weighing equipment

The autonomous scales crush weighs the animals without human intervention. It includes a weighing platform and a system to identify the animal weight on the platform. It also includes an automatic system to activate the doors for entrance and closing. The system is a pedal connected to a linkage to operate the opening and closing of the doors.

Point of view of the jury: allows to weigh the animals safely

Logo InnovSpaceRENOLIT ONDEX - PERFOLUX (2014) - 3 stars


The two pillars of a healthy atmosphere in farming buildings are a permanent controlled ventilation and sufficient light intake. Many buildings overlook these two aspects which cause an increase in diseases within the herd and a decreased in productivity. Today windbreak devices available on the market do not meet these two criteria in the same product and their technical performances has not been validated in the past 15 years. This is why RENOLIT ONDEX developed the first rigid and translucent windbreak cladding system, PERFOLUX, which aims to:

  • Ensure windbreak performances measured in an official laboratory;
  • Maximize the intake of light inside the farm building all year;
  • Actively limit the spread of diseases within the herd by improving the atmosphere and comfort of animals;
  • Maximize the productivity and contribute to the development of the livestock;
  • Be a durable and sustainable solution, easy to install, shock resistant and maintenance-free.