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Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the bovine sector from 2005 to 2009.

Logo InnovSpaceINTRACARE - Hoof fit gel - Hoof fit liquid (2006) - 1 star


PDD (papillomatous digital dermatitis), is very painful, foul smelling skin disease, it contaminates and infests dairy and beef cattle stables and has a significant effect on production. About 25 aerobic and anaerobic bacteria are involved and it develops round the horn on the hooves. It does not resemble any existing disease and is unmistakable. It is high contagious and multiplies when animals are transferred.

Stabilised Aloé Véra (cactus sap) with zinc and canner chelates, in an alcohol emulsion, is an excellent treatment, adhering to the skin for pain relief, to combat the various bacterial strains naturally and effectively, regenerating the skin in just a few days.

It can be used to treat individual animals or whole herds as an environmentally friendly, non-polluting preventive and/or curative remedy.

It is a gel to be applied using a brush or as a spray-on liquid. In all cases, it does not prevent any risk to the animals or handlers and is suitable for all types of breeders and ail types of stock.

Award-winner testimony : After winning the Space award, Synthèse Élevage-bov'Idée and Intracare have decided to execute one of the biggest global hoof research studies at Oniris - Veterinary school of Nantes. This Intra Hoof-fit study by Relun et al. (published in the Journal of Dairy Science 2012) was done at 52 French dairy farm, where 4.435 dairy cows were observed for 8 months. This study proves the significance of spraying Intra Hoof-fit Liquid on the hooves as being the most preventive groups protocol product.
In recent years, dairy farms are looking to ease and automate the spraying application of the hooves by manual low pressure or automatic sprayers in milking robots and carrousels. Ready to use Intra Hoof-fit Spray (for low pressure or automatic sprayers and Intra Hoof-fit Robot (for milking robots and carrousel sprayers), both 100% line extensions of Space award winning Intra Hoof-fit Liquid, are greatly gaining in popularity. With these labour friendly products it is possible to spray fresh product on every hoof, with a firm adhesion and prevent spillings in the manure pit and environment.  

Logo InnovSpaceLELY - Astronaut A3 (2006) - 2 stars


Until the arrival of the A3 Astronaut, the dairy machines milked all the cows in the same way (constant vacuum level, same pulsation for all the cows).

The Astronaut A3 is able to milk each cow and even each quarter in the best way.

From the cleaning of the teats to the soaking of the end of milking in passing by the stimulation and the milking in itself, it is possible to adjust the parameters by group, by cow and even by quarter. This technology allows the dairy farmers to have the best of the animals. The milking is much less aggressive and stressful for the animals.

All the A3 components communicate in CAN BUS. The A3 is equipped with an autodiagnosis of maintenance.

In option, to ensure an optimal quality of milk, the A3 can receive a cell count measuring system completely automated and a steam cleaning system for the teat cups.

Point of view of the jury: milking robot has revolutionized the farms and still bring more zootechnical benefits



MEDRIA proposes a calving and foaling detection kit which introduces a robust and efficient solution to monitor the body temperature of cows and mares, detect and inform the farmer as soon as the animal is going to give birth.

The standard kit consists of a portable GSM base together with 3 vaginal radio thermometers. This single base can monitor up to a hundred thermometers if needed.

Thanks to its integrated battery, the vaginal thermometer has a life span of 10 years and ensures the radio contact to the base within a range of more than 30 meters.

Placed by the farmer in the cow or mare 7 days before term or in an animal which he is uncertain because of health event or disease, it measures and transmits continuously the animal's temperature to the GSM base.

Then the farmer can consult the latest recorded temperatures directly on the LCD screen of the GSM base. Through a simple telephone call to the base, he will receive in return an SMS on his mobile phone with the latest temperatures of the animals equipped with the thermometer.

A few days later, upon the breaking of water, the vaginal radio thermometer is expelled. The drop in temperature is quickly detected and another SMS is sent to the farmer alerting him of this latest event.

Point of view of the jury: brings comfort and tranquillity to the farmer



The barymètre is a meter tape, specially conceived to take heifer breast circumference measures with reliability.

The measures of the breast circumference gives us an interesting information about bovine development in order to optimize his breeding, check if the bovines development is in accordance with the growth objectives and adjust the diet. The use of the barymètre is definitely simplier than the weighing of the animals, which is applied in only 10% of the French farms. A study realized in 2004-2005 by the dairy heifer interregional group has produced breast circumferences references. The basic limit of the study lied in the measure itselt and in particular in the pressure exerted on the tape while using. That's why, the 'Chambres D'Agriculture de Bretagne' decided to work on this problem. With the barymètre, the basic limit is lifted because the pressure is constant.

Point of view of the jury: facilitates the measurement