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InnovSpace 2020

Discover the selection of the most memorable innovations of the bovine sector from 2000 to 2004.


Scrapper for cattle building

The scraper is made up of a central shoe with a plate and a slide track in which slides two slide. The two slides are connected to the chain by a pin. During the rotation of the scraper, the two slides go back into the slide track, because during rotation, the length of the central part reduces.


  • Scrape one or several shed passage ways with just one scraper;
  • Reduce the cost of investment;
  • Separate the liquid slurry from the straw manure.

Logo InnovSpaceIMV TECHNOLOGIES - French straw (2001)

Equipment for cattle artificial insemination

The IMV TECHNOLOGIES FRENCH Straw is a world standard used to pack, preserve and use animal semen among them bovine semen.

The Straw consists in a PVC tube and a factory plug.

The PVC tube can be printed for an inviolable identification and welded by ultrasonic to avoid any contamination of the semen by Pathogens contained in liquid nitrogen.

The factory plug is composed of two meshes and of powder held secure between the two meshes, it is permeable to allow the filling by suction then impermeable as soon as it as been put into contact with a liquid to be used as a piston to expel the semen contained into the tube.

The IMV TECHNOLOGIES TBS Straw distinguish itself with a notorious modification of the factory plug reducing by 50% the loss of semen absorbed in the said plug.

Logo InnovSpaceCHARRIAU - Fast self-cleaning connection for milk tank (2003) - 3 stars

Streamline milk collecting in farm

The system enables emptying standardisation of any type of milk tank. For milk collection operation, it allows to easy connect and disconnect in a few seconds a milk tank to/from the milk tanker truck and keep the milk quality protected. It improves the milk collector operating time:

  • In case the milk collector is using a suction pipe to empty the milk tank from the top, it eliminates time wasted holding the pipe during the pumping operation.
  • In case of bottom emptying of the milk tank, it eliminates time wasted by the milk collector unscrewing the washing pipe, then unscrewing and uns.

There is not affected by the twisting of the pumping tube during unwinding and winding operation. The system being self-cleaning, milk quality is protected. No external stain can be sucked up during the connection operation.

Point of view of the jury: this system secure the milk collection operation

Logo InnovSpaceDELAVAL - SWINGING COW BRUSH (2004) - 2 stars

Breeding equipment 

The swinging cow brush is a world wide exclusivity for DeLaval. The energy staff / stop function of the swinging cow brush is an energy saving function operated by ball switches on the PCBoard that staffs the brush rotation (22 rounds/ min) when set in motion by a cow and stops the brush alter 10 sec if no motion is detected.

Two strong springs mounted on the top of the vertical brush also provide another 'pendular motion' of the whole brush, according to the pressure of the animal. This unique brush swings really free in all direction rotating smoothly up, over and alongside the cow.

The brush length is optimal (18 cm), the same for the hardness so that it provides for the animal an efficient blood circulation. Pre-mounted so it is easy to install, the cylindrical brush is delivered with a complete wall installation kit, but is also suitable for post installation. One swinging cow brush can groom 50 to 60 cows, so one brush may be sufficient for an average farm.

Point of view of the jury: improves cows' welfare


Bovine artificial insemination

These are frozen semen for artificial insemination which contain spermatozoon selected by the sex, on basis of comparison of the weigh of DNA in the male and female spermatozoon. These straws allow to obtain sex calves expected by the breeders. The straws are frozen according to a new method that allows to preserve spermatozoon alive and mobile alter defrosting.

Point of view of the jury : a major innovation for the genetic sector